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Thread Lift - Contour Facelift

Thread Lifts are less invasive, quicker, less painful and less expensive than face lifts. However, they are not meant to be as comprehensive as face lifts either. Thread lifts are designed to reduce the early signs of aging, and to delay the onset of wrinkles, sagging skin and weak contours. The best candidates for thread lifts are patients who have just begun to notice the effects of age, sun and gravity on their face.

A ThreadLift involves the insertion of tiny, barbed threads into the facial tissue. This is accomplished with a needle, which is relatively painless and reduces the need for anesthetic. The thread barbs attach to the facial tissue, and collagen forms around it to hold the contour thread in place. Because the threads were placed in opposing directions to the sags and wrinkles, it produces a lifting affect as the collagen forms around it.

Although a ThreadLift procedure is relatively quick and painless compared to traditional facelifts, the area must be treated gently for the first few days. This is because it takes time for the barbs to take hold of the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin.

There is also a 2-6 week delay from the time of the procedure before noticing any major improvements. This allows time for the collagen to form around the threads. Many patients like this gradual lifting of their face because people notice that you look better, but don’t see anything drastic all at once.

Depending on the patient’s age, the level of aging that has occurred, the amount of sun exposure, and other aging variables, thread lift treatments can last anywhere from 3-10 years.

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