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Thigh Lift

A thigh lift—also called a thighplasty—is a procedure that is effective for those patients with a significant amount of loose skin in their buttock and/or thigh region. Often times, a large amount of loose skin will develop as a result of a significant drop in weight that has resulted from dieting, a gastric bypass surgery or even following pregnancy. But sagging and drooping skin in the buttocks and thigh area can also simply be a part of the aging process and the resulting loss of skin elasticity.  It is comparable to other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck or buttock lift.

What a Thigh Lift Involves

General anesthesia is required for the thigh lift procedure since it is classified as a major cosmetic surgery procedure. The patient is unconscious throughout the entire surgery. The first step in a typical thigh lift is the use of liposuction; this is followed by excision of hanging skin. The region is then reattached with dissolvable stitches. Two to four hours are generally required to complete the thigh lift process, but this timeframe is dependent upon the patient’s unique needs.

All cosmetic surgery procedures carry with them the risk of infection, bruising and swelling. Patients typically experience a degree of discomfort when ambulatory, but this should decrease within two to three weeks post surgery. Thigh lifts occasionally lead to evident thigh and buttock scars, but this happens only rarely when the procedure is performed by a reputable cosmetic surgeon.

Additional Facts Regarding the Thigh Lift Procedure

Other facts about the thighplasty procedure include the following:

Although general anesthesia is typically used for the thighplasty, local anesthesia with sedation is an option for some thighplasty procedures.

Patients wear a compression garment home to reduce swelling and facilitate skin tightening.

Some side effects thighplasty patients can anticipate may include temporary pain and discomfort, some swelling, numbness or bruising.

Typically, thighplasty patients feel comfortable getting back to work after about one-two weeks following the actual thighplasty procedure.

Even though patients may have returned to work, doctors advise against strenuous physical activities, such as working out and lifting heavy objects, for at least four to six weeks following the thighplasty procedure.

If you would like to learn about this or other body lift procedures, schedule a body contouring consultation with a local plastic surgeon today.

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