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Post Weight-Loss Surgery

Many people today achieve dramatic weight loss. They achieve this either through diet and exercise, surgery, or both. Unfortunately, after their achievement, they often have an additional problem to contend with.

It would be ideal if human skin just snapped into place after weight loss, but often it is not so cooperative. Your skin has qualities similar to a balloon that can be inflated and deflated. When you lose a large amount of weight, your skin can end up looking remarkably similar to a deflated balloon.  This hanging skin can be tightened with a process sometimes called a full body lift, kind of like a tummy tuck all over.

Who are the best candidates for post weight-loss surgery?

Not all persons who have lost a substantial amount of weight are candidates for surgery to remove excess skin. Several factors come into play that impact skin elasticity. The following are some elements that affect your requirement for plastic surgery:

How old you are: People who are younger have more elasticity in their skin, and their skin will snap back more easily.

The number of pounds you lose: The more your weight exceeds healthy levels, the more stretched your skin will be, and the more likely you will ultimately need some of it excised.

If you have lost and gained weight multiple times during your life: Your skin will have that balloon like quality and will begin stretching out more and more with multiple weight losses and gains.

Where your extra weight resides: If most of your weight is focused on one area of your body, not dispersed throughout, your chances of needing corrective surgery will increase.

If you are a smoker: Smoking cigarettes deconstructs the body’s collagen, one of the skin’s major constructive elements. Smokers develop more slack skin than those who do not smoke.

How much sun exposure you have received over your lifetime: The sun also breaks down collagen, and over time, promotes a lack of elasticity in the skin—leading to the dreaded increase in skin slackness.

The type of skin you have: Some skin types simply are more elastic than other types. Genetics and ethnicity play a role here.

Work with a skilled cosmetic surgeon to determine your post weight-loss cosmetic surgery needs. Eliminating excess skin can be the final reward to the achievement of significant weight loss.

If you have recently lost a great deal of weight, schedule a post-weight-loss surgery consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon.

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