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Lower Leg Liposuction / Calf Liposuction

Many women are self-conscious about their bulky calves, and that fat in the legs tends to be superficial and therefore nearly impossible to eliminate with diet and exercise. Consequently, calf liposuction has become very popular in recent years.

Past experiences with lower leg liposuction proved to be less than satisfactory. Thinner legs were achieved, but they remained tubular and lacked curves. Current liposuction procedures, on the other hand, emphasize aesthetics of the lower extremities, resulting in less bulky, but natural looking calves that taper toward the ankles.

A gentle curving from the calf to the ankle can be achieved with a "circumferential" technique through small incisions at the front and back of the ankle and of the knee. This allows the muscularity of the leg to be displayed.

Another major benefit of lower leg liposuction is that the results are long lasting because adult bodies can only expand current fat cells, not create new ones. Calf liposuction has also become much safer as well as more effective.

Potential complications of the procedure revolve around the fact that the calf region is muscular, fibrous and near some important nerves and veins. The cosmetic surgeon must be careful to avoid any damage in the area.

Furthermore, since lower leg fat is superficial, and liposuction is done where the fat is located, there is an increased risk of injuring the subdermal vascular plexus. Due to the effects of gravity, these small veins in the calves and ankles are particularly susceptible to longer-term vascular injury.

For these reasons, it is advisable to seek a competent cosmetic surgeon who is board certified and has ample experience performing lower leg liposuction successfully. The procedure typically takes from two to three hours to complete but will take longer if, in conjunction with the calf, the thigh, knee, or ankle are treated. Recovery takes a few weeks.

During the recovery period, the patient usually wears a specialized compression stocking that holds the newly sculpted calf in place. In most cases, you should be able to return to work on the third day. Jogging or light gym activities should normally not be resumed until at least four weeks after surgery.

With all the advances in "body sculpting" techniques, most patients end up delighted with the results of their lower leg liposuction. They become all the more pleased when they proudly shed their slacks in favor of shorts or skirts during hot summer days.

If you are ready to show off new sleeker and sexier legs, talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon today.

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