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Breast Implant Removal (& Replacement)

According to statistics released by implant manufacturers, as many as one-fourth of women who receive breast augmentation may expect to have a reoperation during the first three to five years.  Taking out breast implants or replacing them can offer several benefits; often an end to physical symptoms is primary among the desired outcomes. Appearance of the breasts can also be enhanced if problems with the implants include wrinkles, folds or poor positioning.

Implant Complications

The most common reason for breast implant revision is to provide relief from complications caused by previously placed implants. Some of these problems include the following:
Scar tissue develops to excess, placing too much pressure on the implant (capsular contracture).
The implant is positioned improperly.
The implant leaks or bursts.
The implant wrinkles just beneath the skin.
The implants contain folds.
The implant is unnatural in its appearance.

Dependent on individual wishes, some women may elect to simply have their implants removed, while others will decide to undergo implant replacement surgery.  If women have their implants completely removed without replacement, the result is often misshapen breasts.

Enhanced Appearance

Poor surgical placement of the original breast implants or displaced implants can cause a woman’s figure to be unbalanced. Breast implant revision greatly enhances the breasts’ appearance by eliminating excessive scar tissue or resituating the implant. Replacing a breast implant can improve a woman’s appearance by eliminating a deflated implant, or by putting in a new implant with a shape, size or texture that the patient prefers over the previous implant.

Many women simply choose to replace their implants because they have changed their minds about some aspect of their breast implant selection.  Often, they feel they have chosen the wrong breast implant size and opt for a larger or smaller one.

Sometimes breast implants simply stop looking as good as they did when first put in.  Like natural breasts, they may begin to sag. 

Increased Self-Confidence

When a patient who is seeking to enhance her appearance with breast implants discovers that just the opposite has occurred, the negative impact can be huge. Correcting original mistakes with corrective surgery through revision or replacement can be a great solution for women who have seen their hopes crumble as a result of a poorly-performed surgery. The results are immediate and very gratifying, boosting the patient’s confidence and rapidly turning a painful experience into an extremely positive one.

Getting better after breast revision surgery is a process that is much like the recovery period after the initial implant surgery. Swelling and pain are likely for the first two weeks. Wearing compression garments are critical to minimizing side effects during the recovery period.

If you are considering the removal and/or replacement of your breast implants, schedule a breast revision surgery consultation with a local plastic surgeon today.

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