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Liposuction for Men

Information about Male Lipo-Surgery Procedures

By Trent Hudley

When one encounters the word Liposuction, it is usually associated with a cosmetic procedure performed to remove areas of excess fat in women. But, the fact is that men are having liposuction performed upon them as well. Liposuction for men is performed for the same reasons that women get the procedure done, and is achieved in the exact same way, but it helps to work with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery for men. Plastic surgeons who specialize in liposuction for men include: George Lefkovits, MD of New York, NY, and Vasdev Rai, M.D. of Dallas, Texas.

The operation is actually fairly simple, and while the recovery time may vary, it usually does not interfere too much with everyday life.

One of the main reasons men have liposuction performed, is to rid themselves of unsightly fat deposits that can make their bodies seem oddly disproportioned. These fat deposits also lead to a poor self-image. An excess amount of fat around various areas of the body including: the neck, chin, abdomen, breast, knees or love handles, which are the trouble spots for most men who seek to have liposuction done, can interfere with attempts to sculpture an attractive body-image and thus a healthy self-image. A man who has confident self-esteem is more motivated to achieve the goals he sets for himself.

If one’s goal is simply to lose weight, liposuction is not an alternative to dieting and exercise. In fact, it is suggested before a man has liposuction performed that he should be at or near his ideal weight. It is probably a good idea to engage in some sort of exercise program before the process is performed. Even after the procedure, one should still maintain a healthy diet, and participate in some type of exercise, because weight gain is still a concern after liposuction.

The procedure for liposuction for men is exactly the same as that for women. A physical that includes a blood test is the first step in the procedure. The process is then usually performed in an office operating facility and under general anesthesia. Extremely thin tubes, called cannulas, are connected to a pump and inserted into incisions made in the area to be altered. In the case of the chin the incisions are made behind the ear or under the chin. Several incisions for the abdomen, loins and other areas are made around the specific area.

The recovery time from liposuction varies with the individual, the amount of fat removed from the patient, and the area the procedure was performed. Generally, a man can return to work in one to two weeks, but those with more strenuous jobs may want to take up to four weeks to fully recover. The swelling and bruising can actually take a month to six months or longer to disappear. There are some clothing aids that are worn to help with the recovery time. A girdle-type garment is usually worn for one to two weeks after the operation for areas around the breast abdomen and loins. These articles help to reduce the swelling and mold the tissue that has been disturbed back into shape.

Pre-op visits include a series of massage therapy and ultra-sonic treatments. A regular exercise schedule is suggested and should be started approximately two weeks after the liposuction is performed.

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