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Improving Cosmetic Procedures with Gortex

Gortex, the material most often associated with winter gear, is surprisingly useful in medical applications. This has led to vast improvements in cosmetic surgery. Many materials used in implants and injectable fillers are rejected by the body or cause an allergic reaction. Originally used in medical procedures such as cardiovascular and renal transplant surgeries, Gortex has a very low complication rate and is well accepted by the body. It is being used in place of temporary fillers and implants.

Gortex implants are inserted through a very small incision using a surgical needle. There is very little pain and swelling associated with the procedure. Some patients experience a feeling of tightness for the first few days after surgery. The implant actually softens during the first few months after the procedure, giving it an increasingly natural look and feel. The implant is porous and becomes a part of your body as tissue grows into it. However, Gortex implants can be removed if desired.

The nasal labial fold, which is the line between your nose and the corners of your mouth, is a problem area for many people. This fold can become very deep adding to the signs of aging and detracting from the beauty of you mouth and other features. Most treatment methods for plumping this fold involve temporary injections which must be repeated on a regular basis to maintain the results. Gortex implants are a permanent and non-allergenic solution.

Gortex implants can also be used as cheek and chin implants. Older solutions included fat grafts, which often die off and must be replaced and silicone implants which can migrate requiring additional surgery to correct placement. Gortex, is a synthetic material and does not die off or absorb into your body. Because your tissue becomes a part of the Gortex implant, they do not migrate. The lips themselves can be enhanced with Gortex, plumping and defining the lips while minimizing the fine lines that often develop around the lips.

Gortex is a safe and permanent alternative to fillers and implants for the face. If you are considering a cosmetic facial surgery procedure, contact an experienced cosmetic surgeon today. The Signature Plastic Surgeon Center in Houston, Texas has had cosmetic surgery experience for years.

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