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Thigh Lift - Thighplasty Procedure

Thigh lifts, or thighplasty procedures, are recommended when the patient has considerable loose skin on their thighs and/or buttocks. This typically occurs after major weight loss events, such as post-gastric bypass surgery or post-pregnancy, but can also be an issue in patients with signs of aging, such as loss of skin elasticity.

A thigh lift is a major cosmetic surgery procedure, in which general anesthetic is used, allowing the patient to sleep through the surgery. Thigh lifts typically begin with liposuction, followed by removal of the excess skin. The area is then reconnected using dissolvable sutures. The entire thigh lift process usually takes about 2-4 hours, but depends on the individual patient’s and situation.

Every cosmetic surgery procedure can result problems such as infection, swelling and bruising. Thighlifts can also produce noticeable scars and indentations in the thigh and buttock, although this is rare when performed by a reputable cosmetic surgeon. Most patients can resume their non-strenuous, daily activities within two weeks of having a thighlift.

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