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Facial Surgery - Facelifts

Courtesy of Dr. Miguel Delgado

Although the signs of aging are natural, you don’t have to live with them. An increasing number of people are having facelift surgery in order to rejuvenate their appearance. In fact, facelift surgery is more popular than ever. Of course, a facelift will not stop the aging process.

“It is important that the patient has realistic expectations. A facelift is not going to give you an entirely different appearance. Rather, a facelift is designed to minimize the signs of aging by tightening the patient’s skin,” notes Dr. Miguel Delgado, a facial surgery specialist serving the San Francisco, California area.

There are other benefits besides an improved appearance. Many people who receive facelifts report an increased amount of confidence, which they did not expect.

Many avoid facelift surgery because they worry about being left with scars after the procedure. A Facelift will leave the patient with minimal scarring due to incredibly small incisions. Incisions are placed along the hairline and within the natural contours of the patient’s face.

It is important to participate in a confidential consultation for facelift procedures, so that prospective patients can make informed decisions about the surgery. More information can be obtained by contacting a plastic surgeon like Dr. Gawley in Scottsdale, Arizona, or a cosmetic surgery office, such as Aesthetic Surgery.

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